Thursday, February 12, 2009


Ok, so we haven't been the best at keeping up with this new blog thing,
but we have an announcement to make....WE ARE PREGO! Casey didn't
believe it when I told him, so he made me "double check" and after two
positives he was finally made a believer. Well we discovered this two weeks
ago. I am definitely feeling it as well. The mornings haven't been so nice
to me and the night as well. But all will be better in a couple of weeks when
I enter into the second stage.

6 weeks...


As far as Casey goes, he still misses skiing and wasn't able to go at all while
we were up in Utah. He is also jealous of his buddy Kayson and dad that they
are still out fishing away while he sits at a desk. He is currently looking for a
place to go fishing, but hasn't been successful thus far.


We also have started teaching Sunday School. Our class is the 12-13 year old's
and is it a riot! These kids are fun and FULL of energy! If anyone would like to
know more about them, inquire within...